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Sign the guest book! Please drop us a line and sign our online yearbook. It only takes a minute to leave your mark and let everyone know what you’ve been up to for the last ten years. Be sure to let us know if you are going to make the journey back to Grand Forks. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you and catching up on good times!
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SarahMarieSchauer [at]
Sarah Schauer, Bridgeport, Connecticut [ August 8, 2008 ]
Sorry all, can't make it, too far and too busy, looks like I was too late anyway, hope you all had fun. It would have been real nice to see you all though. Drop me a line, we'll catch up. [can't make it]
Sarah Schauer, Bridgeport, Connecticut [ August 8, 2008 ]
Thanks to everyone you came! It was a blast! I'm sorry to anyone who missed out, hope to see you in ten more years!
Wendy (Geatz) Waldorf, Grand Forks [ July 28, 2008 ]
Talk about last minute. It sounds like fun and I should be up Saturday. [see you there!]
Aaron Waldo, Aberdeen, SD [ July 24, 2008 ]
See ya'll soon. My new e-mail adress is sfladland [at] [see you there!]
Scott P. Fladland, Grand Forks [ July 24, 2008 ]
See you Friday! [see you there!]
Joseph Olson, East Grand Forks, MN [ July 23, 2008 ]
Looking forward to it [see you there!]
Mike Backes, Hutchinson, MN [ July 21, 2008 ]
I know there has been a lot of sleepless nights for most of you wondering if I'll be attending or not. Well the speculating and constant nail biting can end because I will be there. [see you there!]
Mike Abar, Grand Forks, ND [ July 18, 2008 ]
I have a weekend already planned for the big GF at the same time, so hopefully I will see everyone on Friday Night. I don't know that we will be participating in the other events though. Looking forward to catching up! [hoping to come]
Elizabeth (Thompson) Conlin, St. Cloud, MN [ July 18, 2008 ]
Hello everyone. I am trying to get off work to be there. Hope to see you all! [hoping to come]
Amanda Fischer, Lincoln NE [ July 16, 2008 ]
Was planning on it but im going to spend the week at my lake house, Gimme a shout on myspace if anybody wants to come with. [can't make it]
Dave Nelson, Grand Forks [ July 15, 2008 ]
Looking forward to it, it should be fun [see you there!]
Pete Bassett, FARGO, ND [ July 15, 2008 ]
I was home for vacation over the fourth of July and decided to extend the trip. What a fast 10 years. Looking forward to catching up with everyone. See you there. [see you there!]
Russell LaFreniere, Miami, FL [ July 14, 2008 ]
Hey everyone, unfortunately I won't be able to make it. I am here in San Antonio, Texas and have been here for about the last 2 1/2 years. I'm here with my fiancé and my two beautiful little girls who are 7 and 6 months. They are a joy. Maybe it will work out next time. Hope everyone has a good time. [can't make it]
Mikki, San Antonio, Texas [ July 11, 2008 ]
wow can't its been 10yrs already!!!!!! im hopeing ill be able to make it but i don't quite know what my work schedule is yet i just started a new job..... [hoping to come]
Phil Ackerman, grand forks nd [ July 10, 2008 ]
Hi everyone, I've been living abroad and now I am living in the state ranked 49th for me we all had it very good at Red River and I wish I could come and reminisce about it. Unfortunately, I can't make it, please take lots of pictures and post them. I'll see you at the next reunion. Hopefully one of us will have solved the Middle East crisis and world hunger by then and we can all celebrate! [can't make it]
Bethanie (Izar) Parker, Atlanta, Georgia [ July 1, 2008 ]
Hey everyone! Its awesome reading the guestbook. I hope I will be able to get up there at the end of July. It would be great to see everybody. I will be in Minn. the previous weeekend & I am heading to my wife's lake in Bismarck the following week so it might be tough. Hope all is well! [hoping to come]
Joe Wilson, Gilbert Arizona [ June 23, 2008 ]
Would love to come, but we have a family wedding that weekend in California. We live in Grand Forks in the summertime though, so I'm sure I'll see some of you around!!! [can't make it]
Melissa Badger Lundbohm, Grand Forks [ June 23, 2008 ]
Thanks for the invite, but I can't make the trip. Please keep me on the list for the future. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoys catching up. If you're ever in NYC, let me know! [can't make it]
Rebecca Harris, New York, NY [ June 20, 2008 ]
Sorry I won't be able to make it. I hope everyone is doing well. I really can't believe it's been 10 years. Have fun! :) [can't make it]
Jessalyn Anderson, Mesa, AZ [ June 20, 2008 ]
Looking forward to bull*****ing with everyone. We will be in the process of moving at the time of the reunion but hope to find some time to catch up! My drinking shoes are a little snug but I'll see if I can get them on for this occassion. [hoping to come]
Kevin Gietzen, Detroit Lakes, MN [ June 20, 2008 ]
So sad the plans didn't work out this summer to come that weekend. I will be in town the weekend after, so hopefully some peeps will still be left! [can't make it]
Niki (Naastad) Gummer, Woodinville, WA [ June 20, 2008 ]
Hi Everyone!! Wow 10 yrs. I am so disappointed I can't make make it. It would be fun to catch up with everyone. Hope everyone is doing well! [can't make it]
Rachel Lappegaard, Charlotte, NC [ June 20, 2008 ]
Sorry I wont be able to attend, wishing i could see all my friends from high school. Will be out of town, Have fun class of '98. [can't make it]
Antiquia Nocho, Fargo, ND [ June 15, 2008 ]
Wow Ten Years!! Can't wait to see everyone.
Amy (Silletto) Lyste, Grand Forks [ June 10, 2008 ]
Would be a blast but too busy. Someone try and have a few for me that weekend. Also a turkey with taco meat if anyone makes it to the pepper.... [can't make it]
Tom Axvig and Emily Radel Axvig, Marion, IA [ June 9, 2008 ]
I can't believe it has already been 10 years. My husband and I just bought a new house. We will be celebrating 3 wonderful years of marriage in October. It would be fun to see a few old friends again. Unfortunately our work schedules won't allow us to make a trip. [can't make it]
Cyndi Stephens, Atlanta, GA [ June 9, 2008 ]
Wish I could be there. July just happens to be a bad month for my work schedule. [can't make it]
Eric Lentz, Reno, NV [ June 8, 2008 ]
Sorry, we will be unable to attend. We have a family reunion the same weekend. I hope all is well with everyone. Enjoy the reunion, it sounds like fun! [can't make it]
Kristin (Klein) Knopp, La Crosse, WI [ June 1, 2008 ]
It's coming up fast! Hope I can make it! (pretty sure I can, but you know how life gets!) [hoping to come]
Becky Saari, Grand Forks [ May 30, 2008 ]
Hi - I wish I could make it but with buying a new house and baby #2, the summer has gotten really busy. Hope everyone has a blast! Enjoy the reunion. [can't make it]
Amanda (Demarais) Marian, Chicago, IL [ May 29, 2008 ]
Kristen and I are looking forward to seeing everyone! We hope we can make it! [hoping to come]
Erin (Clow) Barnes and Kristen Clow, Grand Forks, ND [ May 21, 2008 ]
Hi, all! By then I will have moved to Des Moines to get ready for medical school which starts the following week. I hope everyone is well, and I look forward to seeing you in the future! [can't make it]
Allison Hetland, Grand Forks, ND [ May 21, 2008 ]
10 years already?? That's Crazy!! Hoping to make it back to see everybody. Busy summer with weddings, reunions, etc. [hoping to come]
Melissa Johnson Fogarty, Park Rapids, MN [ May 20, 2008 ]
I'm looking forward to visiting with everybody-it's been so long. [see you there!]
Michelle (Askim) Durso, Grand Forks, ND [ May 20, 2008 ]
Looking forward to it. [hoping to come]
Matt Chu, Minneapolis, MN [ May 18, 2008 ]
10 years? Really? Looking forward to seeing what you are all up to! [see you there!]
Rachael Britton, Denver, CO [ May 17, 2008 ]
10 years already!? wish i could make the trip back to see everyone again, but I wont have any time left after driveing back to ND for 2 spring weddings :( I'll be at the next one for sure! Miss you all!! [can't make it]
Mary (Reid) Samson, Chicago, IL [ May 17, 2008 ]
Sorry, we will not be able to attend. It is going to be a busy summer and we will be coming up to GF to visit family in August for a reunion so we will not be able to make the reunion. Hope that all is well with everyone. [can't make it]
Jason Roos, Lenexa, KS [ May 17, 2008 ]
Hello Everyone! Sorry I won't be able to make so many money is really tight right now and I'm flying out to a family reunion the week before the RRHS Reunion. I wish everyone the best and have fun! [can't make it]
Katie Fisk, Tampa, FL [ May 16, 2008 ]
Unfortunately I cannot make it, as we just moved to New Jersey, and I will be about 7 months pregnant by that time, and have a lot to prepare for! I wish everyone the best of luck and hope all is well. Maybe on the 20 year when we're all old and grey!!! Thanks again for the invitation [can't make it]
Shana (Henry) Bridwell, Mount Holly, NJ [ May 16, 2008 ]
Are we really old enough to be going to a ten year reunion? Sounds like tons of fun! [see you there!]
Tricia (Evans) Hoffarth, Vancouver, WA [ May 16, 2008 ]
Hey everyone! Although I didn't actually graduate with you all I was (thankfully) invited anyway! Despite missing the last two years at Red River I am so excited to see everyone I grew up with! And in all fairness I did show up to both proms and your graduation so why miss the reunion! Hope to see you all soon! [hoping to come]
Erin Gaalswyk, Treasure Island, FL [ May 16, 2008 ]
That falls on one of the weekends that I treat the family to 9 days at Cass lake so I will be only a stones throw away... Anyone who is interested in golfing and drinking lots of beer would be best suited to entice me to show up. [hoping to come]
John Thorlacius, Farmington, MN [ May 15, 2008 ]
I wish I could make it, but my job is not going to let me have a weekend off in July. I wish I could be there to catch up with everybody. I am sure it will be a good time. [can't make it]
Jamie Wong, Farmington, MN [ May 14, 2008 ]
July is a very busy time of year for my job and it's difficult to get away. Also, my wife and I will have our new baby for approx. 3 weeks by then which could make things tricky. I hope everyone is doing well and I would love to catch up. [hoping to come]
Josh Sondrol, Lake Havasu City, AZ [ May 2, 2008 ]
I will be in Africa working with the Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Center helping put together a library in Kigali, Rwanda. We need book donations! If anyone wants to donate go to and click on Library. You can buy books on Amazon from our wish list, they ship them to us in California and then we take them with us to Rwanda. Sorry I can't make it. [can't make it]
Catherine Strecker, Los Angeles, CA [ April 30, 2008 ]
Hey everyone can't believe it's been 10 already. Hoping to make it there. [hoping to come]
Kevin Porter, East Grand Forks [ April 30, 2008 ]
I would love to come home for a visit and catch up with old friends. I can't wait to see everyone! [see you there!]
Jackie (Wiertzema) Puppe, Rochester, MN [ April 24, 2008 ]
Looking forward to catching up with everyone!! [see you there!]
Becki Nyberg, Baltimore, MD [ April 20, 2008 ]
I have plans to be in Georgia around that time, but if I'm in town, I'm sure Katie will make me show up . . . [hoping to come]
Stephanie Korst, Grand Forks, ND [ April 19, 2008 ]
10 years already...can't wait to see everybody!! [see you there!]
Justin and Aleece Mero, Grand Forks [ April 18, 2008 ]
See everybody soon! [see you there!]
Andrea (Cariveau) Parks, Bismarck, ND [ April 17, 2008 ]
It was so fun to hear that you were looking for us Lyn! See everyone soon:) [see you there!]
Jennifer (Carlson) Benjaminson and Amber Carlson, Grand Forks, ND [ April 16, 2008 ]
Hi everyone, hope to seeya all soon. [see you there!]
Steve Lawrence, Grand Forks [ April 8, 2008 ]
Hi all! Not sure what everyone else has been up to, but I invented Post-its... I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone! [hoping to come]
Kim (Konerza) Dorman, Cary, NC [ April 6, 2008 ]
Can't wait to see everyone, its been a long time! [see you there!]
Tiffany (Gjerding) Larson, Grand Forks, ND [ April 6, 2008 ]
It would be fun to see everyone again. [hoping to come]
olderbak, grand forks [ April 6, 2008 ]
10 Years already-It's hard to believe! I'm excited to say I will be there to catch up with everyone. [see you there!]
Marla Moore, Eden Prairie, MN [ April 3, 2008 ]
It will be a long trek from the East Coast but it's worth it to catch up with everyone. See you all there! [see you there!]
Jamie Miller, Washington, D.C. [ March 31, 2008 ]
While I won't be able to make it to the reunion, I do want to say hi to people and would love to see pictures. I think that it'd be interesting to see how people's lives have changed in ten years and where they are now. Feel free to drop me a line sometime... best wishes. [can't make it]
Tanya Alm, Reno, NV [ March 31, 2008 ]
Can't wait to see everyone - the more the merrier! [see you there!]
Kelly Rolland Ask, Brainerd, MN [ March 31, 2008 ]
Not sure if I will be able to attend, but I hope to hear that everyone is doing well! [hoping to come]
Melissa (Drechsler) Steiner, Fargo, ND [ March 30, 2008 ]
I will just be getting home from the honeymoon, so might not make it Friday night. I am getting married on July 12, 08. Lyn you need to get a hold of me I still need some information from you, LOL. Can't wait to see the rest of the Class of 98. See you there. Feel free to send me an email just put Class of 98 in the subject line so I don't miss it. [see you there!]
Michelle (Shelly) Peterson, Grand Forks, ND [ March 29, 2008 ]
Cant wait to catch up with everyone. I will make Friday but my sister is getting married on saturday so wont be there on saturday! [hoping to come]
Nicole (Neppl) Neff, Bismarck, ND [ March 29, 2008 ]
What's up everyone! It's been a fast 10 years. I'm pretty sure I'll make it. [hoping to come]
Jamie Gudajtes, Grand Forks [ March 29, 2008 ]
Cant wait to see everyone again. I cant believe its been 10 years already. [see you there!]
Polly Hulett, madison wi [ March 29, 2008 ]
We are right in the middle of a move from Cali to NJ. Will see what happens in July, but it sounds fun! Hope to make it,
Shana (Henry) Bridwell, Maguire AFB, NJ [ March 28, 2008 ]
Will try to attend...sounds like fun. [hoping to come]
Jeremiah Peck, Tucson, AZ [ March 28, 2008 ]
I can't believe its already been ten years. I hope to make it! [hoping to come]
Andrea (Rogers) Simmons, Hopkins, MN [ March 27, 2008 ]
Sounds like fun, I'll try and make it. [hoping to come]
Dana Trickey, Mentor, MN [ March 26, 2008 ]
Thank GOD for this or I'd have to go to my Family Reunion that same weekend! Looking forward to catching up with everyone! Feel free to contact me if you want. [see you there!]
Katie (Stanislowski) Peavy, Grand Forks AFB, ND [ March 26, 2008 ]
I'm actually visiting family in GF right now, but look forward to coming back this summer to see everyone. [see you there!]
Mary (Lindgren) Valloni, Springfield, MO [ March 26, 2008 ]
Looking forward to it! Can't wait to see you all! [see you there!]
Alica (Hogan) Moreland, Grand Forks, ND [ March 26, 2008 ]
I hope to make it back! [hoping to come]
Jen Hedberg, Kansas City, MO [ March 26, 2008 ]
Can't wait to catch up with everyone! [see you there!]
Amy (Brorson) Kruger, Grand Forks [ March 26, 2008 ]
I am attending UMD right now and will be taking summer classes. I hope to come but that depends on the schedule. Also I have a wedding to attend in GF earlier in the month and that will be priority. Anyone is welcome to contact me if they want to catch up. Anyone hear from Jenny or Amber Carlson? [hoping to come]
Lyn (Stinnett) Langlais, Duluth, MN [ March 26, 2008 ]
I hope to be there. [hoping to come]
Tony Nelson, Cottage Grove, MN [ March 26, 2008 ]
I'm hoping to make it and catch up with everyone. I have plans to be in town but no tickets in hand yet. [hoping to come]
Lynette (Osowski) Maycock, McChord AFB, WA [ March 25, 2008 ]
Hi everyone! I promised Tricia that I would go with her, so I guess I'm going! I hope all is well, and I look forward to catching up with you! [hoping to come]
Monica Cole, Lakeville, MN [ March 25, 2008 ]
I will try my best to attend, if im not busy moving to Rochester, MN. [hoping to come]
Shawn Herlickson, Bismarck, ND [ March 25, 2008 ]
Hello Everyone! I'm in town through August with grad school. I have Frost Fire shows that weekend, but I should be able to make it Friday night! Looking forward to seeing you:) [hoping to come]
Misti Koop, Grand Forks, ND [ March 25, 2008 ]
I'll be in town, but with work and grad school, we'll see how my schedule pans out! -Kristen [hoping to come]
Kristen Clow, Grand Forks, ND [ March 25, 2008 ]
It would be nice to catch up however I will be away on military assignment during that time period. If anyone wants to catch up next time I am in town, I hope to be home in June for a visit. Drop me a line on my myspace page if you want. [can't make it]
Alan Moody, Fort Rucker, AL [ March 25, 2008 ]
Hi everyone. I'll be there. I can't wait to see everyone. [see you there!]
Molly Sander, Bismarck, ND [ March 25, 2008 ]
Looking forward to catching up. [hoping to come]
Kent Briggs, Edina, MN [ March 25, 2008 ]
Can't wait to see what everyone has been up to! [see you there!]
Wendy (Geatz) Waldorf, Grand Forks, ND [ March 25, 2008 ]
Hello to everyone. Making it will be difficult; but I will attempt to make. Hope everyone is doing well. - Bryce [hoping to come]
Bryce Moen, Dallas, TX [ March 25, 2008 ]
See you all in July! [see you there!]
Katie Swanson, Minot, ND [ March 25, 2008 ]
Won't be able to make it. Too far away. [can't make it]
Dave Toman, Ramstein, Germany [ March 25, 2008 ]
Looking forward to catching up! [see you there!]
Kim (Spies) Broadway, Grand Forks, ND [ March 25, 2008 ]
I can't wait to party with some old friends!! Can't wait to see you all soon :-) [see you there!]
Jill (Goodman) Brion, Rochester, MN [ March 25, 2008 ]
Can't wait to see everyone!! [see you there!]
Amy (Silletto) Lyste, Grand Forks, ND [ March 25, 2008 ]
Looking forward to seeing everyone and introducing Josh to North Dakota's version of Mexican food. Paradiso here we come! [see you there!]
Amber Sondreal, Phoenix, AZ [ March 25, 2008 ]
Looking forward to it!! [see you there!]
Tera (Swartz) Vanyo, Grand Forks, ND [ March 24, 2008 ]
Looking forward to seeing everyone there! It will be a fantastic weekend. [see you there!]
JoAnn (Fietzek) Husman, Manhattan Beach, CA [ March 24, 2008 ]